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The Problem

The lack of mental health support is an epidemic. 17.3 million Americans suffer from depressive disorder and millions more around the world. 

● Lack of Affordability - 11.8% of adults that live below the poverty line are more likely to experience mental wellness issues.

● Life expectancy with depression for women and men, respectively is 7 & 18 years shorter than those not struggling with depression.

● Job stress is estimated to cost the US industry more than $300 billion in losses due to impared operations, lack of production, accidents, and absenteeism. 

The Solution: Connection

Inspiration & Information at your fingertips

Chat 1 on 1 with wellness experts or schedule 1 on 1 therapy sessions

Transform your life with a variety of relevant and resourceful curated content

24/7 Progress Tracking 

Market Analysis 

$12.4 Billion Global Market Mental Health and self-care application market.

$741.5 Million USA National Mental Health and self-care application market.

36,000 Anticipated Reju! users by the end of 2022

Reju! brings value to the end user while connecting experts with those in need